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FSA Testing and Science Class Support
by Academic Dean - Monday, 23 February 2015, 03:08 PM

Dear Parent or Guardian,

There will be free weekend Florida testing support tutoring and practice sessions starting this Saturday and will continue every Saturday until April 4th ( excluded) except Spring break . The schedule will be as following

English Language Arts 10-12 pm

Math 12-2pm.

These meetings are very important because of new testing and new question styles and important teacher feedback to students on a weekend. Interested students or parents should contact to their ELA or Math teachers for details.

Science reinforcement classes have begun to support students with a failing grade projections in FCAT Science test and Biology End of Course Test. Students review middle school science standards in 8th grade support sessions and Biology content in 8th and 9th grade Biology support sessions. The classes take place once a week but parental support is strongly recommended on review of content and help with online portals such as Study Island , or support class provided materials. 

New Florida Department of Education provided testing FSA Writing field test (unofficial) take place in the week of February 2-6. Students will have a chance to experience new testing style. RCSA was one of the few schools to be tested for field testing. 

AP Course information and test registration is being delivered starting January 26th. Please check items and register for the test if your child is taking the test. Florida mandated FCAT or FSA testing does not require a fee or preregistration. 

Academic Office 

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